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Darlene: “No club compares to Benfica”

Women's football

The forward and captain of Benfica's women's football team was live on Benfica's Instagram on April 21.

Darlene, the captain of Benfica's women's football team, talked with the journalist from BTV, live on the Club's Instagram account, on April 21.


How was the arrival at Benfica?

In addition to Benfica being a great Club, Portugal is also one of the best countries and we speak the same language, so I was looking forward to getting to know how the Club was. It was then when I came back from vacation and came here to do a little presentation, that I got to know the real Club, and then I said: “Thank you for everything, Lord”.

What was your first impression of Benfica? What surprised you the most?

I’ve been to beautiful stadiums, I’ve played at good clubs, but no club compares to Benfica. The history, the cultures of Benfica, the Stadium… My favorite color is red, so it caught my attention, and when I so the stadium from within I was very pleased. But what struck me most immediately was when I saw the eagle, it moved me quite a bit because I am a person with a passion for animals.


What was the best goal you scored playing for Benfica?

It's difficult to say. Last year I've reached a very important milestone in my career, 109 goals in one season. Bu the goal that struck me the most was against Sporting, at Estádio da Luz. Actually I scored two, but the first goal was the one that struck me the most because it was the first time I was playing at Estádio da Luz .

What was the best moment you've lived in Benfica?

I think that I'm living a good moment since I arrived. Sometimes it's difficult to compare with the 109 goals I scored last year, which was a big achievement in my career.

Text: Márcia Dores

Photos: SL Benfica

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