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15 wins from Benfica sealed by 8 nationalities

Since September 2, 1979, the day of the first match between Benfica and Rio Ave for the Primeira I Liga at Rio Ave's home ground, there were 15 wins from the Reds sele by players from eight different nationalities. With the Portuguese players making up the majority [Reinaldo, Nené, Diamantino, Oliveira, Chalana, Edmundo, Rui Águas, Nuno Gomes, Pizzi (photo), Rafa and João Félix], there are also two Brazilians[Jorge Gomes and Lima (photo)], a Mexican (Raúl Jiménez), a Paraguayan (Cardozo), a Spaniard (Rodrigo), a Argentinean (Saviola), an Angolan (Mantorras) and a Colombian (Bermúdez). Do you remember them all?

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