19 January 2018, 17h16

Sport Lisboa e Benfica continues to reinforce the women's football team, which will be a reality in the next season. Also arriving from Brazil, the right-back Daiane Rodrigues, born in São Carlos, is the second signing from the Reds.

The 31-year-old player (22/07/1986), started playing football at ASF São Carlos, at the age of 14, next she represented clubs such as Araraquara, Ferroviária, Francana and São Paulo FC. In the last season, she defended the colors of Corinthians/Audax, where she won the Brazilian Cup and the Copa Libertadores. She also represents the Brazil National team.

“I'm very happy, it is a very ambitious project, very well-structured, Benfica is among the biggest Clubs in the world and that made accept the offer”, confessed the Benfica new signing to BTV.

“I hope to do my best for the Club, I think we will manage throughout the time and during the few months we have, to work to win titles. It will surely be one of the biggest clubs in the world”, she added.

Daiane Rodrigues

Daiane Rodrigues travels to Portugal for the first time and she says she is looking forward to stepping on Portuguese soil.

“It is the first time I leave my country to play football, by I am ready. I've been playing football for 15 years and nothing scares me. I am very happy for this opportunity and I am looking forward to discovering Portugal”, stated the right-back.

Benfica's new signing praises the women's football in Portugal and confesses it is an honor to wear an Eagle on her chest.

“For me, it is an honor to wear Benfica's Sacred Mantle and I hope to do a good job. I think the women's football has been developing a lot and Portugal has everything to become a powerhouse in the women's football”, said Daiane Rodrigues.

Text: Márcia Dores

Last update: Monday, January 22, 2018


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