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Rui Vitória: “It was a 1-2 rout”


The coach of Benfica regretted the wasted opportunities, especially in the first half, which did not allow the team to leave the Amoreira with a bigger result.

At the end of the match against Estoril, which ended with a triumph from Benfica by 1-2, Rui Vitória analyzed what happened in the 90 minutes a regretted the lack of efficiency that allowed the opponent to grow in the second half.

It was not tough night. In reality, this was a 1-2 rout, with all respect to Estoril. We had opportunities to score more goals and we didn’t. Estoril reacted in the second half, had chances to score and scored because prior to that it did not concede goals in the chances we had. We got a well-deserved win against a good opponent. We had many opportunities to score more goals and we should have scored more goals” he said.

We created a series of chances to kill off the match. We are ready for the fight. The way we won is determined, involved. Heart, believe and ambition is one of the mottos of Benfica and that was what we had until the end.”, he added.

In the first 45 minutes, Benfica created many goal chances and did not score. The coach regretted the fact the team did not score more goals but praised the offensive capacity of the team.

“With regard to the finish, the important thing was that we created goal chances. I regret when we don’t finish them because when we put 4/5 on the edge of the box, we put speed. When we reach the area in those conditions, we must finish. We are the top-scoring team of the Championship”, he remembered.

Estoril was praised by the coach of Benfica and he wished positive results for the team led by Ivo Vieira.

A word of appreciation for Estoril. They will reach their goal because they have the right attitude”, he praised.

Asked to reveal if he thought the Championship was lost with the draw in the Amoreira, Rui Vitória clarified: “I did not think of anything. We are here until the last breath of the Championship and the way we got this victory clearly shows what we want, which is: to fight for the three points and for the triumphs.

Rui Vitória

Jonas was once again absent from a match, but no one knows if it will the like that until the end of the Liga NOS.

“We hope not, but it has been preventing him from being on the squad list. Every week is a new week to work and improve. If there is any more impediment, we are here to respond, "he concluded.

Text: Marco Rebelo

Pics: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica

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