Thursday, April 26, 2018, 19h13

Futsal players shooting into... the hoop? It is not for everyone


Fábio Cecílio, Henmi and Chaguinha, members of the Benfica squad, "challenged each other" in a difficult and high-precision exercise. And the winner was...



The futsal players of SL Benfica challenge each other in a streak of shots to score a goal in a... basketball hoop? Yes, it is possible and it happened because the skill, the quality, the talent and the precision have no limits.

In a relaxed moment, Fábio Cecílio (universal), Henmi (winger) and Chaguinha (winger) amused themselves in a skill challenge on the court, shooting at the hoop from the halfway line. And the winner was... The answer is in the video.

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