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Benfica wins derby and delays the title decision


The fifth match is scheduled for 4:00 pm on Tuesday (May 1st), at Pavilhão João Rocha. The Reds will fight for the second Championship title in a row.

Benfica beat Sporting (3-1), taking the Volleyball national title decision to the fifth game, that will take place on Tuesday, May 1st.

The Eagles knew what was at stake in the 4th game of the play-off. As José Jardim said, there was no choice…it was “either to win or to win”. And that was what happened. The National Champions were obliged to win at Luz to prevent Sporting – that a 2-1 lead in a best-of-five tie– from celebrating the title.

At Pavilion n. º 2 of Luz, José Jardim fielded Tiago Violas, Ivo Casas, André Lopes, Mrdak, Honoré, Winters and Zelão. Benfica won the first set by 25-23.

José Jardim's men won the 2nd set by 25-18.

Benfica-Spporting, jogo 4 da final do play-off

Sporting did not throw in the towel and forced a 4th set after winning by 19-25.

In the 4th and last set, Benfica won by 25-19. 

The tiebreaker – 5th and last game of the play-off – is scheduled for Tuesday (May 1st, at 4:00 pm), at Pavilhão João Rocha.

Text: Filipa Fernandes Garcia

Pics: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica

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