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Jonas received the award of top scorer of the Liga NOS from the hands Nené


"He scores more goals than the others because he thinks faster and he executes even better", synthesized the former Benfica forward.

Past and present of Benfica side by side, connected by a history of goals, many goals, hundreds of goals. It was from the hands of Nené that Jonas received, this Sunday, the award with which the Club celebrates the most recent achievement of its number 10: top scorer of the 2017/18 Liga NOS, with 34 goals.

For the second time is four seasons at Luz, Jonas was the strongest on the trigger. Nené applauded the new achievement of the Brazilian international. “I told him a little bit of the story I lived here. When I left Mozambique I never thought I would get where I got. I already told him what I did to improve better. I am glad to be me to hand over this award to Jonas, because to be the top scorer of the Championship is not for everyone”, said the former Portuguese international.

“The award is in safe hands, Jonas was the consistent player; he was the athlete who scored more goals and everyone acknowledges him as a goal scorer. And throughout the seasons he has been showing that is the case. Jonas thinks above the others, faster than the others and he scores more goals than the others”, highlighted Nené.

Honored for having received the trophy from the hand of a legend”, Jonas confessed to being happy with an achievement that resulted from a big professional commitment. “I am happy for receiving this award from the hand of this sir. And I am also very happy for having won an award like this one, which is achieved with hard work daily, with a lot of training and focus. I follow this plan to accomplish achievements that you keep for the rest of your life”, shared "Pistolas".

“The pressure” at a big club like Benfica “is always bigger”, stressed Jonas. “In every match, in every training session, in every competition”, completed the Brazilian. “Nené is an example of success, of achievements. We look a lot at the legends of the Club so we can also make history at Benfica, which is very rewarding for us”, he pointed out.

Text: João Sanches

Pics: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica

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