25 October 2017, 19h24

Benfica lost, on Wednesday, against Bakken Bears, by 95-76, in the second match of the FIBA Europe Cup, Group B.

With this result, Benfica counts with a victory and a defeat in Group B.

Benfica's scorers: João Soares (5), Antywane Robinson (16), Raven Barber (6), Nuno Oliveira (4), José Silva (5), Carlos Morais (21), Carlos Andrade (1), Tomás Barroso (12), Cláudio Fonseca (2) and Jesse Sanders (4).

Benfica's Line-up: Carlos Morais, João Soares, Antywane Robinson, Jesse Sanders and Raven Barber.

Text: Filipa Fernandes Garcia

Pics: Archive / SL Benfica 

Last update: Thursday, October 26, 2017

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