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The story of the young Benfica goalkeeper told by those who know him.

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"A young man who likes to work, who likes what he does. A humble kid, with the feet on the ground. A juvenile who love his family, his friends, Benfica and Portugal." This is how Svilar is described by his mother, Marjana Svilar.

One of the most promising goalkeepers of his generation, Mile Svilar is Ratko Svilar’s son, former Yugoslavian international who participated in the 1982 World Cup and who defended the goal of Antwerp for 16 years. But he inherited the name of his grandfather. "I could not go to my father's funeral. But I gave his name, Mile, to my son", tells Ratko Svilar.

Was described, by his teammates in Belgium, as a "work machine" and his sister, Dunja Svilar confirms the dedication and commitment of the young goalkeeper. 

Pics: Archive / SL Benfica 

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