08 January 2019, 18h47

Salvio, in an exclusive interview, relives his eight years at Benfica, during which he has won 13 trophies: 4 National Championships, 4 League Cup, 2 Portuguese Cups, and 3 Super Cups.

Eight years of Benfica

“For me, the renewal was a beautiful moment. One more to add to the many others I have lived at this club. I am very happy.”

“I have been at Benfica for many years now, I know a lot about this Club. Not just Seixal, but also Benfica as a Club. It gave me everything. I had the chance to play abroad, at another club, Atlético Madrid and I could see another club and compare. Benfica is among the biggest clubs. We have everything, we cannot complain. Benfica gives all the support to the players and their families. We are very well and I am happy here.”

Salvio e Luís Filipe Vieira

The relationship with the Chairman Luís Filipe Vieira

“I have a very good relationship with the Chairman. It has been many years, the relationship grew over time. He was by my side in the good and bad moments. When I was injured, he would call me, send me text messages and that was very important for me. I had his support.”


Journey at Benfica and a revelation

“The journey has been amazing. I have been through good times, sad times, lots of joys… I won everything here, I have a lot of titles. I have a spectacular career at Benfica, I don't regret anything, and I want to keep growing up here. I want to star many years at Benfica.”

Oferta Personalização Camisola Salvio Benfica

The future at Benfica

“I want to improve every day, to grow. I live the daily routine intensively, I enjoy the training sessions, my teammates. I want to win more titles because that is what makes me and the fans happy. My teammates and I want to win everything.”

Text: Marco Rebelo

Pics: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica

Last update: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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