Sunday, March 10, 2019, 15h59

Guaranteed spot in the Portuguese Cup semifinals

Women's football

Benfica thrashed Ouriense, a team from the I Division, at home, in another match in which the team kept a clean sheet.

Benfica hosted and thrashed Ouriense – a team from the I Division–, by 16-0 this Sunday and secured the passport to the Portuguese Cup semifinals. On Monday, the Reds will find out who they will face in the next round.


Benfica's starting lineup: Catarina Bajanca, Daiane, Sílvia Rebelo, Tayla, Yasmim, Pauleta, Ana Vitória, Patrícia Llanos, Evy, Geyse and Darlene.

Substitutes: Carolina Vilão, Diva Meira, Ana Alice, Rilany, Andreia Faria, Maiara and Lara Pintassilgo.

The following teams join Benfica in the semifinals of the Portuguese Cup: Clube da Albergaria, Valadares Gaia e SC Braga, all of which are teams that play in the I Division.

The draw of the next round is scheduled for Monday at 4:00 pm, March 11, at the Cidade do Futebol.

Text: Filipa Fernandes Garcia

Pics: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica

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