Sunday, March 31, 2019, 19h48

Benfica is the play-off final!


In a best of 5 series, there will be a derby against Sporting to find out the 2018/19 National Champion.

Benfica's volleyball played again against Fonte do Bastardo at the Pavilhão n.º 2 da Luz and history repeated itself! In Game 3 of the National Championship semifinals, an emphatic 3-0 win in the game... 3-0 in the tie and a guaranteed place in the final of the competition!


Benfica's starting lineup: Rapha, Zelão, Peter, André Lopes, Tiago Violas, Theo Lopes and Ivo Casas.

Text: Sónia Antunes

Pics: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica

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