Thursday, September 5, 2019, 13h41

Pope Francisco suggests Eusébio as role model


In the first speech made during the visit to his homeland. 

Visiting Mozambique, the Pope Francisco was welcomed at Maxaquene pavilion, where he spoke to a young crowd and highlighted the Benfica’s former player, Eusébio da Silva Ferreira.

“I know that most of you love football. I remember a local who learned not to resign: Eusébio da Silva, the “Pantera Negra” (black panther). He started his sports career in this city. The serious financial difficulties of his family and the early death of his father did not prevent his dreams; his passion for football made him persevere, dream and keep going… until he scored 77 goals with this club from Maxaquene!”, remembered the Pope.

The meeting with the youngsters from different communities and religions was the high-point of the Pope’s first dat in Mozambique.

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