18 September 2019, 12h38

Festejos de Tiago Dantas


Benfica's U-19 hosted and beat the Germans of RB Leipzig by 2-1 at Caixa Futebol Campus in round 1 of Group G of the UEFA Youth League. The eagles' racked up the first three points in the competition, with goals from Tiagos (Dantas and Araújo).

Youth League

Benfica's starting lineup: Celton Biai; João Ferreira, Pedro Álvaro, Morato, Rafael Brito, Henrique Jocu, Tiago Dantas, Ronaldo Camará, Umaro Embaló, Tiago Gouveia, and Gonçalo Ramos.

Substitutes: Kokubo, Fábio Baptista, Tomás Araújo, Diogo Nascimento, Paulo Bernardo, Tiago Araújo, and Jair Tavares.

Text: Diogo Nascimento

Pics: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica

Last update: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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