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Benfica opens the second Soccer School in Ukraine


Another moment of central importance in the expansion and internationalization of the brand now experienced in Kharkiv.

Sport Lisboa Benfica created the second Soccer School on Ukrainian soil, more precisely in the city of Kharkiv.

In the presence of 70 new athletes, the inauguration event, on September 21, had representatives of SL Benfica - Luisão, former captain of eagles, and Bernardo Carvalho, director of International Expansion of the Club – and an element of the scouting team.

Escola em Kharkiv

In just six months, the Club will have two Schools in Ukraine, with some 270 players and four Benfica coaches permanently placed for technical and operational support of the Schools in the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv, both on Ukrainian territory.

In Kharkiv, Luisão and Bernardo Carvalho congratulated the Ukrainian partners and the direction of the School, assured by the former SL Benfica player Serhiy Kandaurov (in the photo below), and the Benfica coaches, José Alexandre and João Azevedo.

Escola em Kharkiv

On the way to Kyiv, the red delegation also attended the closing and prize distribution of the first Benfica Cup International Tournament, that took place in the facilities of the Benfica School in the Olympic Village Sports Complex– Kyiv. 25 teams participated in several categories.

Escola em Kharkiv

The Benfica representatives congratulated the extraordinary work of the Ukrainian partners and the coaching staff of Sport Lisboa Benfica allocated to Kyiv, Alfredo Almeida and Mário Patrício.

Pics: SL Benfica

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