Sunday, October 13, 2019, 22h55

Marlene Sousa scored 11 of the 22 goals

Women's Roller hockey

Benfica's women's team was demolishing in round 1 of the roller hockey National Championship.

After scoring 11 goals, Marlene Sousa was the standout performer in Benfica's 1-22 win at Pavilhão do Nafarros in round 1 of the 1st phase of the women's roller hockey National Championship.

Nafarros-Benfica, 1-22

Location Pavilhão do Nafarros
Benfica's starting line-up Maria Vieira, Marlene Sousa, Inês Vieira, Maca Ramos and Marta Piquero
At halftime 0-9
Goals Marlene Sousa (11), Maca Ramos (4), Andreia Leal (3), Marta Piquero (2), Sofia Contreiras and Maria Sofia Silva

Pics: SL Benfica

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