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14 November 2019, 16h16

The forward Cloé Lacasse joined Benfica in the current season and already has 10 goals scored in seven matches played with the women's football team.

Coming from ÍBV, a team from Iceland– an emblem where she played in the last 5 seasons –, Lacasse talked with the newspaper O Benfica.

Cloe Lacasse Benfica


“I was born and raised in Canada. I left my country when I was 18 and went to study and play football in the United States, where I stayed for three and a half years. Then I went to Iceland and that's where I started my professional football career.”

Cloe Lacasse Benfica

Towards Portugal

Coming to Benfica was something that made me very excited. Firstly, I knew that Benfica was a great club, internationally renowned, and secondly, I knew that they had won all the women's football titles in the year in which they made their debut.  And right from the start, I felt that I wanted to be part of this project that was only one year old. Seeing what had already been achieved was something I didn't just want to read about it, but that I wanted to be part of!

Cloe Lacasse Benfica

The club of the eagles

“I confess I couldn't expect better from this club. Everything Benfica does is extremely professional. The staff, the facilities, and the players couldn't be better. There is an excellent structure here for the athletes, which allows us to focus only on our objectives for the seasons. I'm happy with the choice I made to come and play for Benfica.”

The goal in Madeira (see video)

“That was a funny goal. It came from a quick counterattack. I knew Marítimo's team was unbalanced at the time, so I decided to take advantage and go forward. Then I saw a chance to shoot and I scored.”

Cloe Lacasse Benfica

Interview and text: Carolina Brito

Pics: SL Benfica

Last update: Friday, November 15, 2019

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