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14 January 2020, 10h43


Alana O'Neill and Mimi Asom are Benfica's latest signings for the women's football team. The American players prove to know the dimension of the Club and arrive full of ambition.

Born in New York, Alana O'Neill, a 23-year-old defender/winger, played at Lugano, from Switzerland.

I know it is the biggest club in Portugal, with millions of fans, and I know that the team is the strongest team in the League and relatively new”, said the player.

“I was very happy because I know it's a huge club. I'm looking forward to learning more and I know that this is very professional experience, something I've been missing on my soccer career”, she admitted.

Alana O'Neill e Mimi Asom

For the attack arrives Mimi Asom, also American, from Texas.

“I was so excited. I told my father and my brother and they said: ‘That's amazing! They're such a big club’. I knew Benfica, but I didn't realize the size of the club, and I thought it was unbelievable and such a big project”, confessed Mimi Asom, who also made a point of leaving a message to the Benfica supporters: “Come out to support us. I'm very happy to be here and hope to meet you.”

Text: Filipa Fernandes Garcia

Photos: Cátia Luís and David Martins / SL Benfica

Last update: Tuesday, January 14, 2020



Jorge Jesus with the award that "reflects the collective"

Jorge Jesus was named the Best Coach of the Month in the Liga Bwin and already has in his possession the trophy that was won with 41% of the votes cast by the coaches present at the competition. The coach, with the Vítor Oliveira in his hands, underlined what it means: "It is an award that is a reflection of the team' s start of the season, there are never individual awards, they are collective, but the benefit of the collective also rewards the individual. It is with great pleasure that I receive this award!"


João Mário has the team's "good moment" in his hands

It was 18% of the votes of the Liga Bwin head coaches that gave João Mário the award for Best Midfielder of Septemberin the competition, a sign that the team "is in a good moment". This is the result of collective work, stressed the Portuguese international. "I am very happy, it represents the great moment that the team is living. It is always good to win individual awards, it shows that the team is in a good moment. I am very happy with this first award at Benfica", he admitted.


Darwin has already received the best of the month awards!

Darwin has received the Best Forward and Best Player  of the Liga Bwin in September and left a promise to the Benfica fans. "I am very happy about these awards, very pleased, I thank my teammates, because without them it wouldn't be possible. I will keep working to give my best for Benfica", he assured.

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