Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 14h00

🎥 Alejandro Domínguez: "We will win this fight, with respect, caution and love"

Roller Hockey

The coach of Benfica's roller hockey team is in Spain protecting his family from the pandemic.


It is in Spain that Alejandro Domínguez, the coach of Benfica's roller hockey team, is respecting the curfew because of COVID-19,  with his family, but has been following everything that happens in Portugal.

"The news that comes out here is worrying because of the number of victims and people infected with the virus. We try to live in quarantine completely confined to our house and we don't go out. Fortunately, before the state of emergency was declared, we had bought food, so we are trying to live, within the seriousness of the situation, with tranquility", shared the coach to BTV.

Benfica-HC Braga

The coach of the Reds' roller hockey team also left a message to the Benfica supporters. "Please be responsible and stay home, respect the quarantine. Keep a positive attitude! We must be optimistic, strong and be sure that we are going to win. We will win this fight, with respect, caution and love."

Text: Márcia Dores

Photos: SL Benfica

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