Friday, June 5, 2020, 17h06

Official statement from the President of Sport Lisboa e Benfica


Unqualified vandalizing.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica expresses its total support and solidarity towards the coach Bruno Lage and our players Rafa, Pizzi and Grimaldo, who found their personal residences vandalized this dawn, with several intimidatory and menacing messages.

The occurrence was immediately reported to the authorities, appealing to their maximum rigor and exigency in the identification and exemplary punishment of the responsible for these delinquent acts.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica reiterates its deep repudiation and condemnation for these unacceptable and unqualified acts, recurrent in the Portuguese football, which must be treated with total intransigence by the competent entities.

We also want to express the same support and solidarity to Julian Weigl and Zivkovic, hit yesterday by glass splinters from the players' bus and who are fortunately recovering well.

Luís Filipe Vieira

Lisbon, June 5, 2020     

The gallery below contains the images which we are keen to disclose to publicly report these acts.

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