Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 15h52

Reds with a 100% winning record


Benfica's handball team beat Madeira SAD by 32-21, in the clash from round 9 of the National Championship.


Benfica's handball team has a 100% winning record in the National Championship! This Tuesday, the Reds hosted and beat Madeira SAD by 32-21 in a game from round 9. 

Benfica-Madeira SAD  

Benfica-Madeira SAD, 32-21

Venue Pavilhão Fidelidade 
Benfica's starting lineup Sergey Hernández, Matic Suholeznik, Petar Djordjic, Lazar Kukic, Kévynn Nyokas, Ole Rahmel and Paulo Moreno
Substitutes Dilan Moreno, Gabriel Cavalcanti, João Pais, Bélone Moreira, Pedro Loureiro, Guilherme Tavares, Gustavo Capdeville and Francisco Pereira
At half-time 19-10
Scorers Petar Djordjic (8), Paulo Moreno (4), Ole Rahmel (3), Matic Suholeznik (3), João Pais (3), Lazar Kukic (2), Kévynn Nyokas (2), Bélone Moreira (2), Carlos Martins (2), Francisco Pereira (2), Sergey Hernández (1)

Text: Márcia Dores

Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica 

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