20 January 2021, 23h01

Pizzi scored the goal from the eagles in the match against SC Braga in the semi-final of the League Cup. The final result, however, was favorable Braga (2-1).

"We are rather saddened by this outcome. We started the match well and we were unfortunate to concede a goal. We reacted well and we put the game back on level terms close to half-time. At the beginning of the second half, two set pieces, two moments in which we were lacked concentration and they end up scoring the second goal. We reacted, we had some opportunities but we did not score. Now we must raise our heads and think about what is coming", stressed Pizzi in the flash interview.

SC Braga-Benfica

Asked about the absences of players due to COVID-19...

"Here at Benfica, there are no excuses for anything. Our preparation, we must admit, was not the same. We had to work in separate groups, there were difficulties in the preparation and obviously this ends up affecting us. It's a very difficult situation for everyone, but let's not cling to it. Now we must think about what's coming, because we still have a lot to win", he guaranteed. 

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Text: Diogo Nascimento
Photos: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica
Last update: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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