27 November 2021, 22h22

B SAD-Benfica, game from Matchday 12 of the Liga Bwin at Estádio Nacional. At the start of the second half, B SAD, which had started the match with only nine players, was reduced to six units, and referee Manuel Mota, after talking to the delegates of both teams, declared the match at Jamor finished in the 48th minute. The score was 0-7 to the eagles.


48' Manuel Mota calls the match over.

48' Referee Manuel Mota talks with the delegates of both teams...

47' B SAD is down to six players, the match is over.

46' João Monteiro falls on the pitch... Game interrupted.

46' The second half begins.45' Ends the first half: B SAD-Benfica, 0-7.

45' 0-7. GOAL! BENFICA! DARWIN! Grimaldo's pass, the Uruguayan international receives the ball and scores left-footed shot.

39' 0-6. GOAL! BENFICA! Seferovic scores from the penalty spot.

38' Penalty for Benfica! Rafa (B SAD) handles the ball inside the box.

34' 0-5. GOAL! BENFICA! DARWIN! The goal is disallowed for offside... but VAR reviews the shot and considers it legal. GOAL!

32' 0-4. GOAL! BENFICA! DARWIN! Weigl makes the cross and Darwin scores with a header

27' 0-3. GOAL! BENFICA! WEIGL! Great strike from the German midfielder on the edge of the box.

14' 0-2. GOAL! BENFICA! SEFEROVIC! The Swiss forward receives a pass from Rafa, dominates and scores with a right-footed shot

1' 0-1. GOAL! BENFICA! Kau scores a own goal. André Almeida crosses from the right and the B SAD defender, while trying to make a clearance, puts the ball into his own goal.

1' The match has started!

0' The B SAD team will line up with only nine players due to an outbreak of COVID-19.

B SAD-Benfica
Estádio Nacional
Benfica XI
Odysseas, André Almeida, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Valentino, Weigl, João Mário, Grimaldo, Rafa, Darwin and Seferovic. 
 Helton Leite, Gilberto, Morato, Gil Dias, Taarabt, Pizzi, Everton, Gonçalo Ramos and Yaremchuk
Álvaro Ramalho, João Monteiro, Diogo Calila, Rafa, Henrique Pires, Boni Trova, André Lopes, António Montez and Kau 
Half-time -
Benfica goals


Goalkeepers: Helton Leite and Odysseas;

Defenders: Valentino, Vertonghen, Otamendi, Gilberto, Gil Dias, André Almeida, Grimaldo and Morato;

Midfielders: Julian Weigl, Pizzi, Taarabt, Rafa, João Mário and Everton;

Forwards: Seferovic, Yaremchuk, Darwin and Gonçalo Ramos.

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Manuel Mota

Referee of the match 

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Photos: Archive
Last update: Saturday, November 27, 2021

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