03 December 2021, 23h15

Estádio da Luz

Benfica-Sporting, game from matchday 13 of the Liga Bwin, at Estádio da Luz (9:15 pm). Follow the match LIVE commentary here.


90'+7' The derby ends at Estádio da Luz. Benfica-Sporting, 1-3. 

90'+6' GOAL FROM BENFICA! Pizzi scores. 1-3 at  Estádio da Luz.

90'+3' Substitutions Sporting: Ugarte and Pedro Gonçalves are replaced by  Nuno Santos and Daniel Bragança. 

90' 7 minutes of added time. 

89' Yellow card for Taarabt.

86' Substitutions Benfica: Everton and Darwin come off, Pizzi and Gonçalo Ramos come on. 

84' Substitution Sporting: Sarabia out, Tiago Tomás in. 

80' Darwin puts the ball in the goal, but it is disallowed for offside

74' Substitutions Benfica: Weigl and André Almeida come out, Taarabt and Gilberto come on. 

73' Yellow card for Esgaio.  

68' Goal from Sporting. Matheus Nunes scores. 0-3 at Estádio da Luz.

62' Goal from Sporting. Paulinho scores. 0-2 at Estádio da Luz. 

55' Substitution Sporting: Feddal comes off, Esgaio comes on. 

46' Start of the 2nd half. 

Substitution in Benfica: Valentino out, Yaremchuk in. 

45'+6' Half-time at Estádio da Luz. Benfica-Sporting, 0-1. 

Pedro Gonçalves is yellow carded. 

Paulinho puts the ball in the back of the net, but VAR rules out for offside by 28 centimeters. 

Three minutes of added time. 

33' Yellow card for Sarabia

27' Weigl picks up a yellow card

22' Vertonghen sees the yellow card. 

20' Yellow card for Porro.

8' Goal from Sporting. Sarabia scores0-1 at Estádio da Luz.

2' Yellow card for Paulinho.

1' Yellow card for Feddal for a foul on João Mário. 

1' The match kicks off at Estádio da Luz. 

Onze Benfica

Estádio da Luz
Benfica XI
Odysseas, André Almeida, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Valentino, Weigl, João Mário, Grimaldo, Everton, Rafa and Darwin
Helton, Gilberto, Morato, Gilberto, Meïte, Taarabt, Pizzi, Yaremchuk, Seferovic and Gonçalo Ramos
Sporting XI
Adán, Neto, Gonçalo Inácio, Feddal, Pedro Porro, Ugarte, Matheus Nunes, Matheus Reis, Pedro Gonçalves, Paulinho and Sarabia
João Virgínia, Gonçalo Esteves, Ricardo Esgaio, Nazinho, Daniel Bragança, Dário Essugo, Tabata, Nuno Santos and Tiago Tomás
At half-time -
Goals from Benfica


Benfica squad list

Goalkeepers: Odysseas and Helton;

Defenders: Gilberto, Vertonghen, Otamendi, André Almeida, Morato, Grimaldo and Valentino;

Midfielders: Julian Weigl, Meïte, Pizzi, Adel Taarabt, Everton, Rafa and João Mário;

Forwards: Seferovic, Gonçalo Ramos, Yaremchuk and Darwin. 

Benfica-SC Braga

X-ray of Benfica-Sporting match 

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Artur Soares Dias


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Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Tânia Paulo e João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica
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