15 January 2022, 19h58

Estádio da Luz

Benfica-Moreirense, game from matchday 18 of the Liga Bwin at Estádio da Luz . Final score: 1-1. Darwin scored the goal from the eagles.


90'+8' Ends the match at Estádio da Luz. Benfica-Moreirense, 1-1.

90'+6' Yellow card shown to Grimaldo.

90'+6' Yellow card shown to Kewin Silva.

90' Injury time: six minutes.

89' Yellow card shown to Artur Jorge.

86' Yellow card for Otamendi.

84' Substitutions for Moreirense: Fábio Pacheco and Paulinho out, Matheus Silva and Franco in.

82' Substitutions for Benfica: João Mário and Rafa come off, Pizzi and Gonçalo Ramos come on.

73' Substitutions for Benfica: Gilberto and Paulo Bernardo come off and are replaced by Valentino and Yaremchuk.

72' Yellow card shown to Paulinho after fouling Grimaldo.

70' Substitutions for Moreirense: Walterson and Rafael Martins come off, Derik and André Luís come on.

GOAL: 1-1


61' 0-1. Goal from Moreirense. Own goal from Gilberto.

55' Yellow card shown to Rafa for fouling Ibrahima.

47' Goal opportunity for Benfica: Grimaldo, with a header, serves Paulo Bernardo in the box. The young midfielder shakes off two opponents and shoots wide.

46' The second half begins.

45'+1' Ends the first half: 0-0.

45'+1' Yellow card shown to Rafael Martins.

45' Added time: one minute.

42' Goal opportunity for Benfica. Grimaldo takes a corner from the right, Morato finishes with his right foot. The ball just skims the right post.

40'Yellow card for Fábio Pacheco after fouling Paulo Bernardo.

36' Great effort from João Mário on the edge of the Moreirense box. The ball goes close to the right post.

20' Goal opportunity for Benfica: Rafa tries is luck with a shot inside the box but his effort hits the crossbar!

1' The match is underway at Estádio da Luz.


Estádio da Luz
Benfica XI
Odysseas, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Weigl, João Mário, Paulo Bernardo, Rafa, Darwin and Seferovic
Helton, André Almeida, Valentino, Vertonghen, Meïte, Pizzi, Diogo Gonçalves, Yaremchuk and Gonçalo Ramos
Moreirense XI
Kewin Silva, Paulinho, Artur Jorge, Steven Vitória, Pablo, Pedro Amador, Fábio Pacheco, Ibrahima, Walterson, Yan Matheus and Rafael Martins
Pasinato, Rodrigo Conceição, André Luís, Pires, Matheus Silva, Jambor, Derik, Galego and Franco
At half-time -
Goals from Benfica


Goalkeepers: Helton Leite and Odysseas;

Defenders: Vertonghen, Otamendi, André Almeida, Morato, Grimaldo, Gilberto and Valentino;

Midfielders: Julian Weigl, Diogo Gonçalves, Pizzi, Meïte, Rafa, João Mário and Paulo Bernardo;

Forwards: Darwin, Seferovic, Yaremchuk and Gonçalo Ramos. 

Rui Costa


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Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Archive / SL Benfica
Last update: Friday, January 21, 2022

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