13 May 2022, 18h31

Two goals in the second half of the clássico led Benfica B to a comeback (from 2-1 to 2-3) and to the away win at FC Porto B on matchday 34 of the Liga 2 2021/22, this Friday afternoon, May 13. 

Benfica B ends the Liga 2 with 57 points amassed, the result of 17 wins and six draws, having scored 61 goals and conceded 44.

FC Porto B-Benfica B
Estádio Luís Filipe Menezes
Benfica B XI
Samuel Soares, Filipe Cruz, Miguel Nóbrega, Pedro Álvaro, Fábio Baptista (Rafael Rodrigues, 46'), Rafael Brito (Diogo Nascimento, 46'), Diogo Capitão (Bajrami, 86'), Cher Ndour, Umaro Embaló, Jair Tavares (Henrique Pereira, 90') and Luís Lopes (Luís Semedo, 90'+2')
Fábio Duarte, Bajrami, Tiago Coser, Rafael Rodrigues (46'), Diogo Nascimento, João Neto, Gerson Sousa, Henrique Pereira and Luís Lopes
FC Porto B XI
Francisco Meixedo, Tomás Esteves (João Mendes, 84'), Zé Pedro, João Marcelo, Rodrigo Ferreira, Rodrigo Fernandes (Peglow, 64'), Mor Ndiaye, Gonçalo Borges (Diogo Ressurreição, 76'), Vasco Sousa (Levi Faustino, 64'), Varela (Ejaita, 76') and Namaso Loader
Runje, Romain Correia, João Mendes (84'), Tavares, Peglow (64'), Diogo Ressurreição (76'), Levi Faustino (64'), Ejaita (76') and Leonardo Borges
At half-time -
 Benfica B: Jair Tavares (26'), Luís Lopes (53'), Miguel Nóbrega (58'); FC Porto B: Namaso Loader (9' and 39')

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, May 14, 2022

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