26 May 2022, 16h14

Ristic with President Rui Costa


The left-back Mihailo Ristic (26 years old) is a new signing for Sport Lisboa e Benfica's professional football team. International for Serbia, the full-back signed a contract valid for four seasons (until 2026).

Ristic has represented Montpellier ins the last four seasons (99 matches and 3 goals), but he started his formative years at FK Partizan Donja Trnova and ended them at FK Rudar Ugljevik, before moving to Belgrade to represent Red Star. There, he played 91 matches, scored 8 goals and aroused the interest of Krasnodar, who signed him. He was also loaned to Sparta Praha, in the Czech Republic, before moving to France. 

"I know a lot about the Club, it is one of the biggest in Europe. Playing in a club as big as Benfica is a dream come true. I couldn't be happier and prouder. I am looking forward toplay", said the defender, in statements to BTV.


"I am very ambitious, Benfica has exactly what I need. I am one hundred percent sure, I came to win"


"Benfica was exactly what I wanted I grew up in a club [Red Star] with a similar pressure, with a similar impact on the culture, the country, and the people. I missed those sensations. I am very ambitious, and what Benfica has to 'offer' me is exactly what I need. I am one hundred percent sure, I came to win. I am confident that we will have good luck together. I am ready for the challenge", said the player.

Benfica: Ristic com o Presidente Rui Costa 

"This is probably the best day of my life and one of the most important moments of my career. Being at a giant club like Benfica changes a lot of things in my life in the footballing terms, namely the national team. Let's see what the next times have in store for me. Everything is going perfect, I'm optimistic", he admitted.


"From the first day I have been here, I have seen how great the Club is and its impact on people" 

Representing an emblem beloved by millions of fans, Ristic wants to feel that positive energy "on the pitch".

"From the first day I have been here, I have seen how great the Club is and its impact on people. I really want to feel this energy, especially on the pitch. I'm looking forward", he claimed. 


 "I am passionate about the game. Football is my passion, I'm obsessed. I think being at Benfica will take all this passion of mine to another dimension" predicted Ristic.

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Mariana Félix / SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, May 26, 2022

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