06 June 2022, 21h13



Liga Betclic
Game 2
Play-off final
Benfica 56
FC Porto 48
1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
15-10 28-21 44-32 56-48

Benfica and FC Porto played, this Monday evening, game 2 of the Liga Betclic final at Pavilhão Fidelidade. Commitment, hard work, a solid defense... and a fair victory for the eagles, by 56-48, who extend their lead(2-0) and are one win away from winning the national title! 


In a best of five series, Benfica is just one win away from winning the national title. Game 3 is scheduled for June 9 (Thursday), at 6:00 pm, at Dragão Arena. 


Benfica-FC Porto
Pavilhão Fidelidade
Benfica starting V
Aaron Broussard, Frank Gaines, Ivan Almeida, Betinho and Wendell Lewis
José Silva, José Barbosa, Makram Ben Romdhane, Diogo Gameiro, Tomás Barroso, Arnette Hallman and Dennis Clifford
FC Porto starting V
Rashard Odomes, Vladyslav Voytso, Miguel Queiroz, Jonathan Arledge and Charlon Kloof
Max Landis, Michael Morrison, João Torrie, Francisco Amarante, Tiago Almeida, João Soares and Miguel Correia
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
15-10 28-21 44-32 56-48
Benfica point scorers
Aaron Broussard (12), Frank Gaines (10), Ivan Almeida (11), Betinho (6), Wendell Lewis (11), José Barbosa (2), Makram Ben Romdhane (3) and Dennis Clifford (1) 

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica
Last update: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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