28 July 2022, 15h00

Benfica's eSports team will now be called Benfica Teleperformance


Teleperformance is the official sponsor of the eagles' FIFA team for the next three years, with active participation in the strategy and talent development of this digital sport.

Teleperformance, one of the world's leading omnichannel solutions companies, has just become the Official eSports Naming Sponsor of Portugal's biggest club.

Benfica's eSports team, which will now be called Benfica Teleperformance, is the result of the combination of several motivations: the will to win, fueled by the club's winning DNA; the connection to differentiated audiences, namely youth; the ongoing strategy of internationalization of the brand and its recognition by a digital ecosystem where exponentially growing brands move; and the ongoing strategy of brand digitalization.

"We developed this Arena Gaming project and we were looking for the right partner to join this project with us and take it to a higher level. Benfica is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and the world, has a huge number of fans not only in Portugal but all over the world - a big part of our employees are Benfica fans and have a passion for Gaming - and we are happy and excited to embark on this partnership with a club that represents the same principles and ambitions as Teleperformance. We look forward to seeing where this project will take us", says Augusto Martínez Reyes, CEO of Teleperformance Portugal.

Domingos Soares de Oliveira, CEO of SL Benfica, highlights that "we are increasingly focusing on digital and on the transformations that the football industry is going through, which include new forms of interaction with different audiences where gaming is one of the exponents. We are certain that the partnership with a company as big as Teleperformance will boost the Club's eSports area".

The main ambition is clear: to win all competitions, domestically and internationally. To achieve this, the Club will have the support of the world giant Teleperformance, which has made available to Benfica and its professional athletes, youth athletes, and coaches, a Gaming Center equipped with the most modern equipment and technology, which is among the best in the world at this level, as well as in terms of training conditions.

At a national level, the team will compete in the competitions of the Liga Portugal and the FPF, and at an international level, it will participate in the competitions that will give access to the world championship, with the clear objective of winning.

Besides FIFA - the ex-libris of Gaming for a football club - SL Benfica plans to expand the range of games in which it competes, as part of its strategy of conquest, internationalization, digitalization, and connecting the brand to differentiated audiences.

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, July 28, 2022

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