26 November 2022, 22h47

Estádio da Luz

League Cup
Matchday 2
of group C
Benfica 2
Penafiel 0
Gilberto 55'
Neres 57' 

Benfica-Penafiel, a game from matchday 2 of group C of the League Cup, at Estádio da Luz.


90'+5' Ends the match at Estádio da Luz. Benfica win 2-0 over Penafiel, another step towards the semi-finals of the League Cup final four.

90'+1' Added time: four minutes.

90' Yellow card shown to Rúben Freitas after fouling Rafa.

87' Henrique Araújo! Left footed shot in the penalty box for a save by goalkeeper Caio Secco.

83' Substitution for Penafiel: Leandro out, Silvério in.

78' Official: 43,263 spectators at the Estádio da Luz!

77' Substitution for Benfica: out goes Chiquinho, in comes Paulo Bernardo.

77' Substitution for Penafiel: out comes Simão, in comes Afonso Figueiredo.

69' Substitution for Benfica: João Victor, Draxler and Musa come off and are replaced by Brooks, Rodrigo Pinho and Henrique Araújo.

60' Substitution for Penafiel: Molvadgaard out, Roberto in.

GOAL: 2-0

57' 2-0. GOAL! BENFICA! NERES! Musa breaks away with the ball between four defenders, but it is Rafa who takes the shot. Caio Secco saves, but Neres is the quickest to attack the ball to make the rebound and shoot with his left foot to the back of the net.

GOAL: 1-0

55' 1-0. GOAL! BENFICA! GILBERTO! Grimaldo moves forward with the ball on the left, breaks through, enters the box, gains a few more meters, but can't get the shot. The ball goes to Musa, who shoots but Caio Secco saves. On the rebound, Gilberto shoots with his right foot in the box and scores!

46' The second half begins at the Cathedral!

46'Two substitutions for Penafiel: Feliz and Adriano come off, Vasco Braga and Rúben Freitas come on.

45'+1' Ends the first half, halftime at Estádio da Luz: 0-0 on the scoreboard.

45' Benfica are on the attack again, with Rafa drilling in on the left and shooting for another save from goalkeeper Caio Secco.

44' Excellent offensive combination from Benfica, with Gilberto passing Rafa in the area and the latter shooting to the defense of Caio Secco. Musa takes the rebound but his header misses the target.

39' Grimaldo! The full-back hits a direct free kick and comes close to scoring.

38' Free kick for Benfica.

38' Yellow card shown to Feliz for fouling Musa.

29' Musa heads the ball to an easy save goalkeeper Caio Secco, following a corner kick executed on the left.

5' A defensive error by Penafiel, a goal-scoring opportunity for Benfica! Musa gets in on the left side of the box and touches the ball into the goalmouth. João Miguel appears to clear the ball away.

1' Referee André Narciso blows his whistle, and the match starts at Estádio da Luz!

Before kick-off, a minute's silence is observed in memory of the late Fernando Gomes.


Estádio da Luz
Benfica XI
Odysseas, Gilberto, João Victor, Morato, Grimaldo, Florentino, Chiquinho, Neres, Draxler, Rafa and Musa
Helton, André Almeida, Brooks, Mihailo, Paulo Bernardo, Diogo Gonçalves, Gil Dias, Rodrigo Pinho and Henrique Araújo
Penafiel XI
Caio Secco, Robinho, João Miguel, Leandro, Simão, Filipe, Feliz, João Oliveira, Édi Semedo, Adriano and Molvadgaard
Filipe, Silvério, Reko, Roberto, Vasco Braga, Rúben Freitas, Afonso Figueiredo, Mica and Fortes
At half-time -
Refereeing team
Referee: André Narciso (AF Setúbal); Assistants: Paulo Brás and Vasco Marques; 4th official: Paulo Barradas; VAR: Iancu Vasilica; AVAR: Bruno Esteves


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Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, November 26, 2022

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