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Rui Vitória: “The ‘reset’ is a way to get the "Penta" (five championships in a row)


Fresh ambition for the new season.



Rui Vitória assures that the Coaching Staff and the Squad are ready for the new challenges.

“Ready for the new season. There is a normal anxiety when the season is getting started but, from our experience, we know that it's just one more that we are going to play. We have a fresh ambition, an enormous will to start, to win, but everything as normal, just like in the previous seasons”, the coach said, exclusively, to BTV.

While Rui Vitória is getting ready for his third season as the Benfica's coach…

“The ‘reset’ is a way to get the "Penta". We know that there’s a goal previously assumed by the President and the best way to achieve it is to go on together, like it was the first time. It is fundamental to have the first time ambition. Humble and focused so that it can happen”, he explained.

Unique achievement

 The SL Benfica has won the 36th title and, consequently, its "Tetra" (four championships in a row) for the first time ever.

“It was marked in Benfica's History and in our history because it was rough and hard to get. When we achieve something like this, it's an enormous pride. But everyone who work in Football have the capacity of not wasting time and, quickly, thing about new conquers and paths", he assured.

The squad

“The squad is never completely closed, as the market is very inconstant. But we think that the things are getting very complete."

About the new players, Rui Vitória says that “there is always a concern to receive them well, so that they can feel comfortable.” “If they feel like home their performances will improve”, he said.

In relation to the young players (from the Academy), the coach was clear: “If they are called to be here, it means that we have trust on them.


Pics: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica 

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