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Joel Rocha: “Players did a remarkable competition”


The coach of Benfica's futsal team praised his players in the moment of celebration in the League Cup after a win over Sporting, in the final, by 2-5.

At the end of the derby in the League Cup, Joel Rocha, the coach who won the competition, highlighted the Benfica players capacity to overcome the challenges throughout the minutes.

"Benfica knew how to compete in the difficult moments. Sporting has individual, collective and strategical assets, but taking into account what we did throughout 40 minutes, Benfica is the fair winner. The truth is that a lot of times our surmounting had to come before our organization, but that is our face, our identity. An extremely competitive identity, from the first to the last second, in which every second counts. My players are to be congratulated, they did a remarkable competition", he said.

Fernandinho bisou no dérbi!

Fernandinho made his debut in derbies… and with goals. The big match did not leave nervous and the Brazillian showed is talent on the court. 

"I'm very happy, all the more so with a win... My teammates made me feel calm, although I was nervous in the first matches and was not able to put in good performances. They have always transmitted me a lot of tranquility. Thus nothing can go wrong", said the player.

"They told me it was a big derby, I entered with a lot of will and it worked out, which is the most important. Sporting did what they trained, but we knew how to play that game. It is a final, we all entered the court giving 200%. Now we will give everything we got and, God willing, we will win the league", he predicted.

Bruno Coelho

The team captain, Bruno Coelho, also spoke to the journalist after the end of the encounter, and the main words go to the Benfica family.

“Few people believed in us, apart from our fans that, once again, filled out the pavilion and dignified our Futsal more. To win is very good! Bearing in mind what we have been doing and all we have been working it is fair. We are to be congratulated. They are the sixth player, they help a lot, their support is essential… the love they feel for Benfica is unconditional. Thank you for believing in us”s, revealed the Portuguese international.

Text: Marco Rebelo and Sónia Antunes

Pics: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica

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