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16 January 2018, 15h54

As it was officially announced on December 12th by Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the women's football professional team will be a reality from 2018/19.

Already preparing the squad for the next season, Benfica has secured the first signing: her name is Dani Neuhaus, she was born in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, in Brazil, 24 years ago (21/03/1993) and she is a goalkeeper.

Dani Neuhaus started her career at Guarani, with 15 years of age, she has represented Vitória da Tabocas and currently plays for Santos, where she will continue until the end of July, and she also plays for Brazil National Team.

She will arrive at Portugal in August 2018 with a lot of ambition and will to win. "One of my big dreams was to play outside Brazil, especially at a well-known club, with a great structure like Benfica, with supporters worldwide, moreover in Brazil", revealed Dani Neuhaus to BTV.

The goalkeeper does not hide her pride in being part of such a "big project", especially in a club like Benfica.

"It is a great pleasure to be part of such a big and innovative project, it is very rewarding and can't explain the joy I am feeling", confessed the athlete.

The Brazilian international has never visit Portugal, but she assured she is looking forward to starting a new adventure "in a country much-praised by the fans, in Brazil".

"Unfortunately, I never had that privilege, but I'm sure that living in Portugal will be a huge privilege. It is a country widely spoken and praised here in Brazil, all people praise Portugal a lot, especially the fans. I already had contact with Leo, the full-back that played at Benfica. He praised the team very much, the structure and I'm sure I made the best choice in being able to defend the Sacred Mantle, "said the first signing of the Benfica women's football team. 

Dani Neuhaus has noticed developments in Portuguese women's football and shows that her goal is very clear: "Be part of this evolution and put Benfica in the history of women's football", she said

Text: Márcia Dores

Last update: Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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