07 February 2018, 22h13

Nominee for Coach of the Year in the Cosme Damião Awards, Rui Vitória began by congratulating all the nominees in the category but not only.

"Congratulations to the other nominees and to all the Benfica coaches who worked at their teams. Many would also have the possibility to be here because they did a great job. It is a satisfaction to be among the nominees, above all because we can to be here together. It is always rewarding to be with my colleagues, present in front of the Benfica universe", said the coach to BTV.

2017 will go down in the history of Sport Lisboa e Benfica as the year of the winning of the unprecedented Fourth Consecutive League Title in the professional football. "We have a huge satisfaction and pride on that. We really wanted the Fourth League Title in a row because it was the first time and we created that as a common objective. It was another title for Benfica. It is very rewarding when we feel that our name is also etched in the history of the Club. It is the work of a lot of people and of people that sometimes cannot be present and that don't have opportunities to be in this kind of events, but that have a huge importance for the successes", stressed Rui Vitória.

The candidate for the distinction also highlighted the symbolism which served as the basis for the nomination. "It is symbolic in the sense that it represents a season that was successful and historical for Benfica. As I am here, maybe the other colleagues from the other sports also could. More important than that is the symbolism of Benfica recognizing the work of its staff and that this eclecticism we have, in fact, makes our club great. It is a huge satisfaction", said the coach.

Text: João Sanches

Pics: Tânia Paulo and João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica

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