Sunday, February 18, 2018, 19h41

Ana Oliveira: “We have a well-designed and sustained project”


Benfica regained the men's national title in Indoor Athletics and at the end, Ana Oliveira, the athletics director of the Club, highlighted the work the has been carried out by a very professional structure.

Benfica became the Men’s National Champion in Indoor Athletics. The director of the athletics stressed that the Club proved, once again, that it is strong, competitive and pointed out the new goals for the Summer events.

The feeling is that the Champion is back! Last year we were unlucky and we lost the six consecutive title in Indoor Athletics; this year we were a bit more lucky. That part of the game! What matters, above all, is the we proved, despite of the blows and thinking that they can take us down, that we have sustained and well-designed project that allows us to keep fighting. I think that year after year, we are winning with more consistency and the proof of that are the two records beaten by athletes of Benfica. We are on the right path and now we have to think in the Outdoor National Championships in which we can win the eighth consecutive title. We remain very competitive”, she stressed.

Text: Marco Rebelo

Pics: Archive / SL Benfica

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