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Eight goals divided by three sectors


Liga NOS: the other side of the number of the two-match record between Benfica and Tondela at Estádio da Luz.

Two matches, 180 minutes, two routs! This is the summary of a short match record between Benfica and Tondela for the Liga NOS at Estádio da Luz. However, there is much more to look at and the Official Site brings the numbers that show the importance of the collective in the design of the two victories.

The coach of Benfica, Rui Vitória, has been highlighting since he arrived at Luz, the importance of the collective in the success and in the titles in detriment of the individual players. The two encounters between the Eagles and Tondela in the Cathedral and how the goals were built prove him right.

The first clash occurred in 2015/16. It was taking place the gameweek 26 of a league that would end with the celebration of the Third consecutive league title. At Luz, Benfica prevailed over Tondela with a clear 4-1. All sectors took part. Ones with goals, other with assists and even one that was present in both aspects of the goal.

In the time to celebrate, Jardel (defender), Jonas and Mitroglou (attack) beat Cláudio Ramos. But for there to be goals someone must create them. Once more, the defense is present, once again represented by Jardel, who assisted Mitroglou; Gaitán (midfield) made the key passes for the strikes from passes Jardel and the first from Jonas in the match.

In the following season, once again goals scored, this time without conceding goals. It was taking place the round 18 of the Liga NOS and the result was built in the second half.

The midfield was particularly productive in the goal chapter. Pizzi (2) and Rafa (midfield) and Jonas (attack) beat Cláudio Ramos.

It is interesting that the three sectors contributed with assists. Samaris (midfield) assisted PizziNélson Semedo (defender) made the pass for Pizzi’s brace; Jonas (attack) launched Rafa who lobbed Tondela’s goalkeeper.

This Saturday, at 6:15 pm, there will be a new clash between the two emblems at Estádio da Luz. The tickets for the gameweek 32 of the Liga NOS are on sale.



Season Result Goals by sector Assists by sector
2015/16 4-1 Defense: Jardel (11’); attack: Jonas (24’ and 69’) and Mitroglou (87’) Defense: Jardel (87’); midfield: Gaitán (11’ and 24’)
2016/17 4-0 Midfield: Pizzi (59’ and 76’) and Rafa (84’); attack: Jonas (90’) Defense: Nélson Semedo (76’); midfield: Samaris (59’); attack: Jonas (84’)


Text: Marco Rebelo

Pics: Archive / SL Benfica

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