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Women's football breaks national goalscoring record in one match

Women's football

Benfica surpassed the milestone of thirty accurate strikes in the match against CP Pego, on matchday 15 from Group D of the 2nd Division National Championship.

Benfica beat CP Pego by 32-0 in round 15 of the 2nd Division National Championship, Group D, at the Estádio da Tapadinha. This result is a new record in the Portuguese women's football! With nothing but wins, the eagles are at the league's top spot.


Benfica's starting XI: Dani, Daiane (Tayla at 46'), Sílvia Rebelo, Raquel Infante (Rilany at 46'), Yasmim, Andreia Faria, Patrícia Llanos, Adriana Gomes (Geyse at 40'), Evy Pereira, Maiara and Darlene.

Substitutes: Catarina Bajanca, Tayla, Diva Meira, Inês Queiroga, Geyse, Rilany and Carlota Cristo.

Goals: Darlene (10), Evy Pereira (7), Geyse (3), Patrícia Llanos (3), Maiara (2), Yasmim (2), Adriana Gomes (1), Andreia Faria (1), Tayla (1), Silvia Rebelo (1) and own-goal (1).

Text: João Sanches

Pics: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica

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