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Liga NOS: X-ray of Nacional


Benfica’s opponent in Round 21 of Liga NOS flies from Madeira Island.

Benfica is back to play in front of its supporters, this time for Liga NOS. After the derby, in the first leg of the Portuguese Cup, it is time for Estádio da Luz to welcome the Championship's Round 21. Nacional is the next opponent, in a match to be held on February 10 (Sunday), at 5:30 pm.

At the age of 44, Costinha has been leading Nacional for two seasons, achieving, until this moment, the 12th position of the league table, with 20 points. Interesting the fact that the team with the most goals in Liga NOS – Benfica, with 47 goals scored– will face the team who has conceded the most – Nacional, with 35 goals conceded.

Raio X Nacional

Top 5 scorers (all competitions)

Róchez 9
Witi 5
João Camacho 5
Júlio César 2
Hamzaoui 2

Raio X Nacional

Top 5 assist providers (all competitions)

Palocevic 3
Brayan Riascos 2
Witi 2
Jota 2
João Camacho 2

 Nacional usually presents a 4x3x3 system, with the following names: Daniel Guimarães; Kalindi, Júlio César, Felipe Lopes, Nuno Campos; Palocevic, Vítor Gonçalves, Jota; Witi, João Camacho and Róchez.

Raio X Nacional

Top 5 shooters in Liga NOS

Witi 38
João Camacho 31
Róchez 30
Jota 20
Palocevic 16

Raio X Nacional

Top 5 crossing in Liga NOS

Witi 60
Kalindi 58
Nuno Campos 33
Vítor Gonçalves 32
João Camacho 29

Raio X Nacional

Top 5 passing in Liga NOS

Júlio César 659
Kalindi 650
Vítor Gonçalves 614
Nuno Campos 571
Jota 505


Texto: Marco Rebelo

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