Women's futsal

31 March 2019, 16h14

Benfica's women's futsal squad won the Portuguese Cup for the 4th time in a row after beating Novasemente by 2-0 in the final held at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar.


Benfica's starting lineup: Ana Catarina, Inês Fernandes, Janice, Fifó and Sara Ferreira.


“It was an excellent futsal”

Bruno Fernandes (Benfica coach): “The first objective of the season was the Super Cup, the second was the Portuguese Cup and now we'll focus on the Championship. It was an excellent futsal match, the people who watched the match saw the quality of the women's futsal in Portugal and that is the most important thing.”

Text: Marco Rebelo

Pis: Francisca Caria / SL Benfica

Last update: Monday, April 1, 2019

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