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Samaris renews contract until 2023


The Greek international midfielder extended his link with SL Benfica and will remain with an eagle on his chest.

It is official! The Greek midfielder Samaris will continue with an eagle on his chest after, this Tuesday, having renewed his contract until 2023 with Sport Lisboa e Benfica, a club he has been representing for five seasons. So far, he has racked up 161 matches, 5 goals and 8 titles won.

"The first words that come to mind are happiness and pride for having renewed with Benfica. I will stay four more years here, at home. More than anything, I'm taking pride in my work. I'm really looking forward to doing the same for the next four years", claimed Samaris in exclusive statements.

"These are my colors, this is my home. Happiness is the feeling I get every day when I go to practice. I never lost the smile since I'm here. These things are priceless. Staying in Benfica has always been my will, just as the management's will has always been to extend my contract. Today is a day of happiness for many people," said the midfielder.


"We have a special relationship with the Chairman. It helps us a lot that he's always with us in Seixal, supporting us. He is like a father to us, he tries to help all players so they can feel comfortable and proud to play at Benfica", commented Samaris.



2018/19 26 2 Season in progress
2017/18 25 1 Super Cup
2016/17 32 0 National Championship, Portuguese Cup and Super Cup
2015/16 41 2 National Championship and League Cup
2014/15 37 0 National Championship and League Cup


Text: Sónia Antunes and João Sanches

Pictures: Tânia Paulo and Archive / SL Benfica

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