Official Statement

07 June 2019, 12h54

Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Benfica SAD (denominated “SL Benfica”) confirm that they have been notified, today, of the sentence given by the Central Civil Court of Porto which vigorously condemned Futebol Clube do Porto, Futebol Clube do Porto SAD, Francisco J. Marques and Others, sentence which will be object to a detailed analysis in the next few days. Besides the condemnation decision, the judicial sentence still decided to totally absolve SL Benfica from the counterclaim requested by Futebol Clube do Porto.

In an initial assessment, even more than the quantitative compensatory – which in itself are significant – there are other aspects which impress and deserve specific mention:

From the outset, the confirmation that the reason is on our Club’s side and that SL Benfica had the right approach when from the very beginning expressed total confidence in the justice and in our Courts.

On the other hand, the exemplary judicial disapproval of the unlawful conduct carried out by Futebol Clube do Porto and some of its employees.

Finally, the Court’s express recognition that not everything is permissible and that the privacy of individuals and institutions as well as the protection of competition rules and trade secret are assets worthy of legal protection in Portugal.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica will now draw the appropriate consequences from Today’s conviction, hoping that the other entities adopt the same procedure.

Lisbon, 7th of June 2019


Last update: Friday, June 7, 2019


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