Monday, December 31, 2018, 10h06

Ana Catarina named the best goalkeeper in the world


The player from the Benfica futsal team and from the National Team awarded by the website "Futsal Planet". Fifó was the third best player in the world and, among men, Bruno Coelho finished in seventh place.

Ana Catarina, the goalie from Benfica's futsal team and from the National team, was elected the best the world's best goalkeeper.

In the award promoted by the website "Futsal Planet", the 26-year-old Portuguese goalkeeper Ana Catarina beat the Spaniard Silvia Aguete Outón (2nd place) and the Russian Anastasia Ivanova (3rd).

In the race for the best player in the world, the benfica player Fifó finished in third place, being surpassed by Brazilian Amandinha (1st) and Spanish Amelia Romero (2nd).

On the men's competition, Bruno Coelho, captain of the Benfica team, finished in the seventh best place in the fight for the title of best futsal player in the world, a award that, for the sixth time (fifth consecutive), was won by the former Benfica player Ricardinho.

Text: João Sanches

Pics: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica

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