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Rivalry only on the pitch

Women's football

Darlene and Ana Borges, the captains of Benfica and Sporting, respectively, were at Cidade do Futebol to launch the women's football derby that will be played at 5:00 on Saturday (October 19) at Estádio da Luz.


On the eve of a historic derby at Estádio da Luz (Saturday, 5:00 pm), Darlene and Ana Borges, captains of the women's football teams of Benfica and Sporting, were side by side at Cidade do Futebol.

In an initiative from canal 11, from the FPF, the two athletes showed that rivalry only exists on the pitch and invited the fans to come to the stands of Estádio da Luz to watch the duel from matchday 4 of the Liga BPI.

"It's a very important match and I'm quite anxious", claimed Darlene when the two players were close to the trophy for the winner of the women's football 1st Division.

The first official derby between Benfica and Sporting takes place on Saturday (October 19), at 5:00 pm, at Estádio da Luz.

"I believe the Stadium will be filled with supporters from both teams.Both teams are studying hard and I think it's going to be a great game, regardless of the rivalries", finished Darlene.

Text: Diogo Nascimento

Pics: FPF

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