27 November 2019, 20h52

Benfica's Volleyball have sealed their ticket to the group stage of the Champions League. In the Dom Odbojke Bojan Stranic pavilion in Croatia, against Mladost Zagreb, the eagles won by 1-3.

Mladost Zagreb-Benfica

In pool D, Benfica will share the group with the Italians of Perugia, the French of Tours and the Poles of Verva Varsóvia.

Mladost Zagreb-Benfica

Mladost Zagreb-Benfica, 1-3

Venue Dom Odbojke Bojan Stranic
Benfica's starting lineup Rapha, Hugo Gaspar, Honoré, Japa, Peter, Tiago Violas and Ivo Casas (L)
Substitutes André Lopes, Afonso Guerreiro, Theo Lopes, Zelão and Nuno Pinheiro
1st set 20-25
2nd set 19-25
3rd set 25-20
4th set  21-25

Text: Marco Rebelo

Pics: CEV and SL Benfica

Last update: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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