04 May 2020, 10h10

It happened 71 years ago! On May 4th, 1949, the tragedy of Superga killed 24 people linked with Torino FC (18 players and six staff elements). The Italian team had played a friendly match against Benfica at Estádio Nacional, which had served to mark the farewell of the eagles' captain, Francisco Ferreira.

On the return trip to Turin, the dense fog in Italy led the aircraft Fiat G.212, that was carrying the Italian team, to crash into the Basilica of Superga.

On May 3, the "granata" side played and lost against SL Benfica, by 4-3, at Estádio do Jamor, in the farewell match of the Eagles' captain, Francisco Ferreira, great friend of the then leading figure of the Italian team, Valentino Mazzola.

Melão (23’ and 29’), Arsénio (33’) and Rogério Pipi (40’) scored for the Reds; Ossola (9’), Bongiorni (37’) and Romeo Menti (44’, pk) scored for Torino.

On July 26th, 2016, elements of Torino and the board of Benfica were present at the Estádio Nacional to honor the team that faced the Eagles in 1949; the next day took place at the Estádio da Luz the 9th edition of the Eusébio Cup played between the two clubs.

At the time of the accident, the squad from Turin was considered the best Italian team and one of the best in Europe. It was dubbed Grande Torino, it won four consecutive championships and was on its way to win the 5th, which it would eventually win, playing the last four rounds after the tragedy with the youth team, a decision followed by the other Italian emblems.

Photos: Archive / SL Benfica

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