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Vinícius: "I'm very happy here at Benfica"


The Brazilian forward, top scorer of the 2019/20 Liga NOS, in an interview with the newspaper "A Bola".


It was with 19 goals scored in the Liga NOS that Vinícius won the status of top scorer of the competition in 2019/20. A "Bola de Prata" [Silver Ball] was now delivered to the Brazilian forward.

For the third time in a row, a Benfica player won the competition’s top scorer award: Jonas in 2017/18, Seferovic in 2018/19, and Vinícius in 2019/20...

What does the Silver Ball award represent?

It represents the teamwork carried out, a goal completed individually, but if it weren't for my teammates I wouldn't have made it. I'm happy, and this award is dedicated to them too. 

Vinícius Bola de Prata Jornal a Bola

You were in a "race" with Pizzi for the top scorer status. Was there any kind of talk?

It was a healthy competition. It was a good race for Benfica and we went all the way to the last one... That's good, it shows the squad we have, so much so that in my last goal he did the assist... It is Benfica who wins. 

Vinícius Bola de Prata Jornal a Bola

Of those 19 goals in the Liga NOS,  is there one that was special?

The one against Vitória de Setúbal, at home [matchday 7]. I returned from injury, I came on in the second half and I scored. That one was very special. It was very good to be able to help my teammates get the three points. 

Vinícius Bola de Prata Jornal a Bola 

How has this restart with Jorge Jesus been?

A strong restart, the way the gaffer likes it, always thinking about winning. This is Benfica. We're preparing the season, very strong. Our coach has a large experience in football, he knows a lot and I want to continue learning, and together we make Benfica win.

Vinícius Bola de Prata Jornal a Bola

What can the benfiquistas expect from Vinícius?

They can expect will, above all. Being at Benfica we can think of nothing else but being Champions. The team did the reset and started with all the strength and focus on that, in giving joy to our fans. I'm very happy here at Benfica, which is a great European and world club. My family is also happy and I only think about starting the season and giving joy to the benfiquistas.

Text: Filipa Fernandes Garcia

Photos: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica

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