14 August 2020, 23h08


Sport Lisboa e Benfica secured the signing of Everton, a 24-year-old winger that represented Grémio de Porto Alegre. The Brazilian international, presented this Friday at the Benfica Campus, bolster the professional football squad under Jorge Jesus. He is the new number 7.

Before the formal presentation, Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Futebol, SAD informed the Portuguese Securities Market Commission that it has acquired the entirety of the rights of Everton Sousa Soares for 20 million euros. The winger signed a contract for five seasons (until 2025) and has a buyout clause of 150 million euros.

Everton Apresentação Benfica

For some years now, half of Europe has wanted you. What made the difference to make this commitment to Sport Lisboa e Benfica?

The history of Benfica, the greatness and structure of the Club weighed heavily on my choice.

How important was the coach Jorge Jesus for your decision?

I had many good references from athletes who worked with Jorge Jesus. They told me he was an excellent coach. He is a person who had a lot of influence on my choice because I followed him closely and saw the quality he put into his work. I wanted to experience that and I'm sure I'll grow with him a lot. 

Everton Apresentação Benfica

Before taking the flight to Lisbon, you said you were happy to be able to fulfill your dream of playing in Europe. Is achieving that dream playing for Benfica an extra?

This is a great club. I'm fulfilling my dream of playing in Europe and a club as big as Benfica. I know greatness not only at the national level but also in Europe. I made the right choice. I hope to make this dream come true also on the pitch and to be able to give many joys to the fans.

Everton Apresentação Benfica

What are your ambitions for the 2020/21 season?

Win titles. Every player, when they come to a new club, wants to make history, and you only make history with titles. Together with my teammates, we'll want to triumph and win what Benfica is used to.

Text: Diogo Nascimento and Márcia Dores

Photos: Tânia Paulo and Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica

Last update: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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