Roller Hockey

24 December 2020, 01h37


SL Benfica and HC Turquel played, this Wednesday night, round 11 of the Roller Hockey National Championship. Triumph by one goal margin for the reds (1-2). 

HC Turquel-Benfica, 1-2

Venue Pavilhão do HC Turquel
Benfica's starting lineup Pedro Henriques, Valter Neves, Miguel Vieira, Edu Lamas and Lucas Ordoñez
Substitutes Marco Barros, Diogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolía, Sergi Aragonès and Danilo Rampulla
Score at halftime 1-1
Benfica goal scorers Carlos Nicolía (23') and Edu Lamas (42')

Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, December 24, 2020

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