24 February 2021, 16h30


Jorge Jesus launched the match against Arsenal, from the 2nd leg of the Europa League round of 32, scheduled for Thursday at 5:55 pm, at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium, in Athens.


Jorge Jesus

What expectations do you have for this 2nd leg, after the draw in Rome?

The expectations are the best. They are the best because we can contest this game, secure qualification and continue in this competition. We have total confidence, as well as respect for the opponent. Before the first match, we already believed that we could contest this tie and that is what we are going to do in Greece: contest this tie, believing that we can go through. It's a final.

Jorge Jesus

Arsenal is not doing a good campaign in the Premier League...

Arsenal is a team built to play for the top 5 in the Premier League. It is not in the top 5, but it has the players to do so. It has a lot of resources and is turning this competition into a chance to qualify for the Champions League [by winning the Europa League]. We have the capacity to play in Greece eye to eye for our team to qualify.

Jorge Jesus

Did you expect more public support from the Board, even to end with much of what has been said externally? Are you happy at Benfica?

Yesterday [Tuesday], Rui Costa, the President, and I had a meeting, as we do constantly, to see how we can get out of this slump in results. We believe very much in what we can do, knowing that the Championship is difficult, but we don't throw in the towel. Our squad has reached the group immunity. If true, for three or four months we will have no cases of COVID-19. We will work in a normal way, with intensity, with the players being healthy. This way I can improve the individual quality of the players. How? With training, which I have not been able to do for some time. Speaking directly to the Benfiquista Nation: understand what I am saying. Support the team! We are not to blame for these sporting results, because they had nothing to do with our work capacity. It is for them that we work, and we try to be better. We need the support of the Benfiquistas. Of course I am happy at Benfica! I'm not completely happy, because I came to be champion, I came to work with the players and I was hindered by the pandemic.

Text: Marco Rebelo
Photos: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica
Last update: Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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