Women's football

05 March 2021, 14h57

Benfica's women's football team faces Clube Condeixa at 3:00 pm this Sunday, away from home, in the game from matchday 6 of the championship round of the Liga BPI.

The midfielder Christy Ucheibe previewed the match, and she started by emphasizing that the Reds, who are still undefeated, are very motivated.

"We will do everything possible to win every game and get the most points because our ambition is to be champions. We work hard, day after day, to get where we want. We are a strong, united team, and that motivates us", highlighted the Nigerian international in statements with BTV.

Christy Ucheibe

Respect for the opponent, a golden principle, but also the team's determination to get the three points in the visit to Clube Condeixa (6th place).

"We always respect our opponents, and this game will be no different. But, of course, we will play to win", she stressed.

"We are a strong, united team, and that motivates us"

After arriving at Benfica a year ago, Christy Ucheibe praised the way she was welcomed into the Club and the team and expressed her desire to continue to do more and better.

"I was very well received, with affection, and this helped and made my integration easier. Since I arrived at Benfica, this is my family, at all times. And I feel that I have improved my game a lot", she claimed.

Text: Márcia Dores
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Friday, March 5, 2021

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